2X80 Sanding Belts

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

2X80 sanding belts are one of those dimensions that are occasionally listed on the Internet and many times unavailable. Like 20-inch grinding discs and many other abrasive products, 2X80s are commonly sought, but regularly require special ordering for most sanding belt brands, including our current primary brand: Hermes Abrasives.

We did a little research for this article to find grinders that require 2x80 sanding belts, but we broke the Internet in our attempt. Call it a "reverse lookup" or whatever, anything with "2x80" plastered on it is hard to find.

Grinding Steel is a young business, but we want to be able to serve customers with special requirements. Providing 2X80 sanding belts and other unique dimensions is just one way we're working to serve American craftsmen.

We currently have four 2X80 sanding belts listed in our e-store. We invite you to take a look. If you don't see what you need, we'll be happy to research the cost of getting it made to your specifications (grain, grit and dimensions!). The more you talk to us, the more we know about potential opportunities to help customers like you!

Here is a list of our 2x80 sanding belts:

Thanks for reading!

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