"A Website For My Shop? I Can't Afford That!"

There's a revolution happening in website development right now. Do you know what it is? There is a reluctant transfer of power that's occurring and it is at the benefit of consumers and small business owners. I'm not one to hide opportunities from others so I wanted to make sure that my customers and readers were made aware of this.

I'd be lying if I didn't acknowledge that basic knowledge of programs like Microsoft Word and Powerpoint were prerequisites to taking the plunge into DIY websites. But that's a hurdle you can overcome by spending a little time on Google Drive, where you have FREE access to programs like Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, and Google Slides (Similar to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (respectively)).

The Cost of DIY Websites

Once you get the concept of "drag and drop", "fonts", and naming your files, you will likely be ready to build yourself a landing page-type website. That is a one-page website where you can simply showcase your work and embed a contact form so people can reach you directly through the website. A DIY landing page like this won't cost you more than $200/year on Wix.com.

If you choose to build a website for your shop that also includes a store where visitors can purchase your products, you'll likely be looking at a little less than $275/year.

We have to keep in mind is that as long as you follow the website layout you choose, you will have a very decent-looking website. The only drawback is that it's what I call a "just a website". A "just a website" is simply a place you can send people to. Frankly put, the likelihood that it will reach the first-page results of Google are very low (not impossible, though). You will also not have the insight from a pro regarding design, content, and user experience which can have a negative effect on your conversion rate (sales).

Websites For Shops

My vision for GrindingSteel.com is for us to support your passion from the planning and making, to the selling of your work. Building and maintaining the bridge between the "non-savvy" and the positive potential of technology is a mission for myself and my company.

To offer this, I formulated a business model that would allow us to build a basic site for our clients (or train train them to do so) for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing agencies. For example, take a look at a Landing Page by Grinding Steel, LLC:

Landing Page Package

$300.00 - $400.00

This 1-page website that is ideal for telling visitors about yourself and your work; showcasing some of your current or past projects; and giving them the option to contact you in a variety of ways. Note: The website hosting fee is NOT included. The fee for a landing page could range from $17 to $29 per month payable to the hosting company (Not us).

I won't go into each package here, but I encourage you to reach out to me and get a quote. There is very little chance you will find another provider who will hand you the keys to the kingdom (e.g. passwords and control) at the end of the project and not charge you a monthly maintenance fee. That's right: NO CONTRACTS.

Reach out today.

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