Best Sanding Belts for Stock Removal in Knifemaking

I exclusively sell Hermes Abrasives sanding belts (and discs, sheets, sponges, etc.). I'm ok with that because I believe in their products and the value they provide to every user. In this article, I will provide information regarding the top 2 stock removal products I sell to knifemakers across the country. I will do my best to provide insights from customers as I've come to learn more about the process of knifemaking and other crafts.

First off, straight from the horse's mouth, here is Hermes' take on the two ceramic belts mentioned in this article:

Download • 1.03MB

You'll notice that one difference between the products lies in how they respond to your grinding style and pressure. The CR 456 Z belt is recommended for medium grinding pressure on most metals including duplex steel and titanium. The CN 466 Z product fairs well for medium to high pressure grinding. Both sanding belt models are produced for dry and wet grinding.

In the list below, I'm including the RB 346 23 MX sanding belt even though it is NOT recommended for stock removal. The belt won't last you beyond a single blade. HOWEVER, because of its ceramic and aluminum oxide properties, you may find it to be a good alternative to a 50 or 60 grit, purely ceramic belt, for that last bit of stock removal.

CR 456 Z

CN 466 Z

  • Highly economical due to low overall grinding costs

  • Hard and sharp ceramic grain provides high stock removal rate and long tool life

  • Very good grit adhesion even at high grinding pressure in the center as well as on the edges

  • Stiff, highly tear-resistant and waterproof Z-Polyester backing assures an optimal belt stability

  • Additional Procut-Coating for "cool" grinding

  • Available in these dimensions: 2" X 72" Ceramic Belts and 2" X 80" Ceramic Belts

RB 346 23 MX

  • NOT recommended for early-stage stock-removal.

  • High tear-resistant X-cloth increases safety when grinding

  • Synthetic resin bond ensures excellent grit adhesion

  • Addition of ceramic grain ensures longer tool life

  • Flat grinding of metallic materials on stationary grinding machines

  • Deburring castings and grinding punched burr and flash

  • Smoothing weld seams

  • Especially suitable for grinding iron and non-ferrous materials

  • Available in these dimensions: 2" X 72" Belts

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