How To Sharpen a Knife... the Hermes Way!

TOE-may-toe, toe-MAH-toe.... whatever! If you're like me (and you're probably not), getting that sharpening angle just right can prove to be a pain in the behind. But that's ok because if we all chip in, I'm sure we can afford this system right here.

Hermes Abrasives recently shared a video of what seems to be a testing machine for their sanding belts and products. In it, this presumably highly-calibrated blade-sharpening robot takes the delicate task of cutting a tomato and turns it into an industrial feat. I mean that's what it feels like, seriously.

Think of the applications, knifemakers! Why waste time sharpening your product when you could be starting your next commission! Why not just run a side blade-sharpening business? Hell, can we just agree that stock-removal sucks? I mean, I really wouldn't know because I can't do what you do, but it sounds tedious as hell.

Anyways, I know it isn't financially feasible or justifiable. However, it's fun to think about. So enjoy.

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