Websites & Digital Marketing for the American Shop

Online Visibility, Findability, & Accessibility

There are only a few reasons why most of you might be holding off from expanding your business online: 

  1. You don't want the extra expense.

  2. Facebook is as good as it gets! 

  3. Instagram is cool, too.

  4. "I'm not at that level yet."

  5. "I don't understand this technology stuff (and I don't want to be ripped off!)"

You are not alone in ANY of these. However, there are huge opportunities for knifemakers, blacksmiths, woodworkers, and others in the custom-made industry online. If you feel good about where you are in your skill level and where you're going with it, you should truly consider our offer below.  

What if we told you that if you can create a PowerPoint presentation, you can make or maintain your own website? It's absolutely true. 

Grinding Steel is owned and managed by Antonio Valcarcel - a digital marketing professional by trade and admirer of workshops and the people who work in them. Through Grinding Steel, Antonio is happy to offer services and education that will help you better understand online marketing and empower you to manage it affordably at rates that are realistic for your shop business.


Antonio has a passion for sharing his knowledge of digital marketing and enjoys the feeling that comes from empowering people to grow their businesses at the pace they feel comfortable with. 

Why do I need a website right now? 

There are two main reasons why you want to do this sooner than later: 

  1. America loves a good story. Telling your story from the start will help your future customers grow a relationship with you and your brand. 

  2. SEO (your Google, Yahoo, and Bing exposure) will benefit greatly by building your first website around your local market. As you grow, the website's exposure will grow. 

How much does a website cost? 

This is a question nobody likes to answer before they secure a phone call or appointment in the marketing industry. But we're not everybody else, so here it is: 

"Just a WEBSITE" ($350)

  • 1-page website w/ the essentials plus a blog OR gallery to post and discuss your work

  • Search engine basics are covered to target your local market

  • Training so you can manage it yourself. (In-person or remotely)

"Just a WEBSITE" Plus E-Store ($899)

  • A complete website with e-store essentials

  • Blog or Gallery to post and discuss your work

  • Optimized for search engines to target your market niches

  • E-Store set-up & training (does not include product entry)

  • Financials and Shipping set-up

"Build Your Own Website" ($399 for 4 1-hour Sessions)

  • 3 1-hour sessions that will give you the foundations you need to build your website and add the plugins you need.

Last chance, website man! Where's the value?

The pricing by itself is hard to beat. I'm a one-man consulting business so I can afford it. But aside from my pricing, simply having a presence online and a place to call "home" on the Internet is so crucial.


Think of the stockpile of products you've made that only get exposure at conferences, conventions, and festivals. Each trip to one of these can run you up to $500 or more plus the cost of transportation and time. For $28/month or less (paid to the website host, not us.), you will have somewhere to showcase your products 365 days a year AND an easy place to send friends, family, and business connections.

We hope that you'll consider GrindingSteel.com when the time is right to expand your online marketing. Thank you for visiting us!